id Software and NIN

In May of 2000 I attended the best rock concert of my life.  We had prime seats to see NIN and sat in the row behind id Software.

Taken from a post by Scott Geppert

I just got back from the Nine Inch Nails concert with my buds Steven Word and Adam Rose, and holy shit! We had seats behind id software!!!!!!!!!! As I frantically scrambled for a pen while I was shaking hands, Katherine Anna Kang produced one and was sweet enough to offer to let me keep it. The show was awesome, and sometime before the encores, Trent Reznor “sent a shout out to id software” and the rejoicing in the row in front of me tipped me off that these guys just might be the men of the hour. I got eight autographs before the security guards started hustling us.

Before the show, I had spotted a guy in a black Quake 3 Arena tee shirt, and went over and asked him about it, telling him that I have a shirt just like it, only white, that Donna Jackson gave to me. I was actually going to wear it for the special occasion, but didn’t for fear that some drugged up crazy moshing grunt would rip it or puke on it or some other horrible thing. I am not positive which one of the guys he is, but I told him “you know, Carmack has to be at this show!” and he’s probably thinking “yeah, idiot, I rode here with him in the limo . . .” Oh, well I can’t possibly complain.

So I’m the obnoxious dork that was going crazy at the Nails concert asking for autographs that you all are going to read about in upcoming .plan updates, and will be honored at that. I am so happy right now, I am going to email Ms. Kang and tell her how much I appreciate the pen (that by the way, she stole from the Doubletree hotel in Dallas, but shhhh – the authorities aren’t on to her yet), and I am sending her a nice Cross pen to replace it. If my scanner worked, I would be scanning this bad little ticketmaster envelope before I mount it under glass. I would definitely say that I value the envelope 1,000x more than the stupid ticket stub. Tim Willits was not too hip to the idea of letting me ride in their limo, and he was watching out for Ms. Kang making sure that I didn’t steal her pen. His wife gave a beautifully legible signature, whereas all the other pen scratches will keep me up nights wondering to whom they belong.

I didn’t ask for a job or pitch my 3D engine to them, but I will some day. I hope not to have made a terribly bad impression that I will be forever hated by everything id, and I hope to meet the guys again at Quake Con! Well this has been an inspiring night, and I think I will be doing some massive coding and Quake playing for the rest of the week.

-Scott Geppert

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