BuddyPress Automatic Friends

BuddyPress Automatic Friends

  • Contributors: <a href="">stevenkword</a>
  • Tags: admin, automatic, buddypress, friends, instant friends
  • Requires at least: 3.5
  • Tested up to: 5.9.10
  • Stable tag: 2.0.8
  • License: GPLv2 or later
  • License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html


Automatically create and accept friendships for specified users upon new user registration. * Requires BuddyPress


  1. Upload the bp-automatic-friends folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress installation

  2. Activate the plugin

  3. Click on the “Automatic Friends” link under the Users Menu.

  4. Configure your BuddyPress Automatic Friends options.



  • Updates usage of bp_get_user_last_activity to replace get_meta
  • WordPress version 5.9 compatibilty


  • Resolves PHP strict error when calling get_global_friends()
  • Bumps version compatibilty for WordPress 4.5


  • Bumps version compatibilty for WordPress 4.4.2


  • Disables email notifications. In situations with hundreds of users, this can get SPAMMY fast


  • Adds icon assets for plugin directory


  • Hot fix for autocomplete search results


  • Now with more Portuguese – Thanks to Renato Alves
  • Limits number of users returned via ajax suggest to improve performance with large datasets


  • Now with more Spanish – Thanks to Maria Ramos


  • Major OOP rewrite
  • Admin Menu compliance with modern BuddyPress versions
  • Themes options page
  • Adds donate links
  • Autocomplete on Global Friend suggestions
  • Ajax actions for adding/removing global friends
  • General beautification


  • Removes hooks from account sign-up and activation.
  • Friendships are now created upon a new user’s first login.
  • Resolves conflict with plugins such as “Disable Activation” that bypass the activation process.


  • Post form to admin settings based on get_admin_url – fixes 404 upon saving form options in multisite installs


  • Removed debug output on user activation page
  • Update code comments to PHPDoc
  • Create friendships upon user activation rather than user registration
  • Update friend counts for new users upon


  • Add display that shows which users are selected via the admin panel.


  • Update admin menu hook to support multisite.
  • Update to support BuddyPress 1.5


  • First official release

158 replies on “BuddyPress Automatic Friends”

@Jeff – Can you please confirm that you are looking under the Buddypress settings menu? I am also running WP 3.2.1 and BP 1.2.9.

I installed this plugin and tested it with a test member. Worked fine except when friend request is accepted the friends counter doesnt change. It still shows “Friends (0)” on profile

@Kim — Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will investigate this issue and release an update as soon as possible.

I’ve confirmed, but I think the problem is that I was doing it in MultiSite.

The admin_menu hook timing is wrong, with regard to the BuddyPress menu. Switching it to admin_init has resolved the menu problem, but now when I click the page I get “Insufficient Permissions” – which is probably another MultiSite problem.

setting up a new site, so came across your plugin. thanks. its good. but more work has to be done on it, like the things discussed above by other users. and also… though i figured out now, it isnt written that what user id has to be added, name or id num.
writing name doesnt work, and id works.

thanks again 🙂 hope that you make this plugin even more awesome. best wishes 🙂

@Deepak — I designed the settings with only numeric user ids in mind, but I am considering making this process more user-friendly in my next major release. Thank you for your feedback!.

Just installed BuddyPress 1.5 and now I get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_site_admin() in /plugins/bp-automatic-friends/includes/admin.php on line 24

Thank you all for your feedback. I am currently working on an update to support BuddyPress 1.5 and correct the admin menu hook.

BuddyPress Automatic Friends version 1.1 is now available for download.

* Updated admin menu hook to support multisite.
* Updated to support BuddyPress 1.5

I have your latest version. When saving the single ID to automatically friend, I get a 404 error to url/wp-admin/network/options.php. Are you sure you resolved those issues?

Im using 3.21 and not seeing any menu of auto friends when I add them in settings and it doesn’t work when a new user signs up.

@guileshill @Jared — I still have an error with the network install. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a shared environment where I can setup multisite. However, I am in the process of setting up my on local LAMP install so I can debug this issue. Stay tuned.

@Nacxit — I have installed a local network install and did not have any problems. I am moving to Boston this week, so I will have to test more once I get setup. I’ll try to take a better look at it as soon as possible.

@Sarah, Thank you for the feedback. I would really like to help solve your problem. Have you tried disabling other plugins? I have tried to replicate this problem and haven’t had any luck. It would be helpful if you could tell me what plugins you have enabled. Thanks!

Steven – I was able to fix it by changing the action URL for the settings page to go to mysite.com/wp-admin/options.php. Your plugin has it going to mysite.com/wp-admin/network/options.php which was giving a 404. Just a path issue for multisite, I guess. Thanks for your response!

Using this on BP 1.5

Added 1 ID, added new user, got this error:

Friendship requested
Friendship ID: 2473

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/***/public_html/the-hall/plugins/bp-automatic-friends/bp-automatic-friends.php:74) in /home/***/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 934

The user was added, as per normal, and the friendship etc was created.

Can I make a request for the next version of this plugin? I’ve stopped it from echoing out the friendship Id’s etc as it does, because that shows up on the activation page and it’s super tacky. I’m not sure the plugin even needs to do that … still works without it. Also, it doesn’t seem to update the friend count – still shows 0. Other than that, it works well. Thanks for this plugin!

@Sarah — I will do both of those things in the next version. I was not aware of the activation page issue. The friend count update issue was already on the menu.

also 404 error. changed the URL to be hard coded to my website in admin.php to no avail. did same in bp-automatic-friends.php but that broke the system. so please give us the code for a fix, and the location to place that code.


@Shanon — Can I get some more details on the 404 bug? I would like to resolve that issue for you guys in the next release.

I follow [this guide] on creating options pages. I will reach out to a few colleagues to see if I can figure out why this isn’t working on multisite installations.

I’m sorry but I am new to BP. Please explain how to find the user ID.

Also, to clarify, “Enter the user id(s) you would like to autofriend upon new user registration” refers to the people (like admins for example) who I want to autofriend new users right? Because that is what I am trying to do. Any new user I want to automatically be my and other admins friends. Thank you for your help.

@TestUserFay — The easiest way to determine a user’s Id is to visit the “Users” menu in WP-Admin. If you mouseover any user’s name you can find their Id as part of the url link in the status bar of your web browser. It will look something like “http://www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/user-edit.php?user_id=2? where the number 2 is that user’s Id. The admin is generally assigned a user Id of 1.

Thanks for the plugin.
I was successful at adding an auto-friend. The two minor issues I ran into:
1) some output in the registration process you may want look into… debug (i assume it is) being output to the registration page.
2) the auto-friend appears on /friends page but does not update the friend counter. For example, friend total shows [0]


@Mike G — Thank you for your feedback. I will be releasing an update later this week which should correct both of those issues. Stay tuned!

1.) Debug statement, I didn’t realize was getting left in the output. Oops!
2.) Known issue. I think I have a fix for this in place. I am just doing some local testing before deploying the changes to the SVN.

Can this retroactively add the specified member(s) as a friend to all existing members (instead of just new signups)?

@Philip — Retroactively creating friendships is not a current feature, but I do think it is a good suggestion! I will consider including it as a feature for version 1.7.

@Steven – I temporarily fixed it (left a comment above, not sure if you missed it…) ” I was able to fix it by changing the action URL for the settings page to go to mysite.com/wp-admin/options.php. Your plugin has it going to mysite.com/wp-admin/network/options.php which was giving a 404. Just a path issue for multisite, I guess.”

@Sarah — Thanks for the quick response. I think I may know how to fix this. There may be an update sooner than I had anticipated. 🙂

@Mandy — Creating friendships between all registered members is not a current feature. I will consider including this functionality in the next major release.

Bump bump!

A little checkbox that allowed you to automatically make everyone friends with everyone on sign up would be excellent!

also to add to the wishlist…. Another function to friend all existing users in the community whether their already friends or not.

Hey Steven.thanks for this plugin 🙂 Just a question though,when I go to add a new default friend,i type it in and when i press save changes it doesnt do anything.I upgraded to 1.6.1 but it still does the same.

thank you so much

@Ashley — My guess is that you may be trying to enter in the user’s username rather than the user’s id (always a number). The easiest way to get a users id is to navigation to the users admin menu (www.yousite.com/wp-admin/users.php) and click on the user’s name you would like to add. On the individual user’s edit profile screen, you can look at the url to find the user’s id (ie. http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/user-edit.php?user_id=2). The admin user’s id is “1” in most cases.

I plan on making this easier in the next major version since it has come to my attention that this process is not as intuitive as I’d like. I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions.


Is there any chance I can download an older version of the plugin (v1.5) I would like my users to become automatic friends on registration rather than upon activation like the new version does as I do not have my setup to allow users to activate.


@Ryan — I will incorporate the option to chose when to make the friendship in version 1.7. Thank you for your feedback. In the meantime, I would recommend that you stick with version 1.6.1 as it addresses known problems and instead edit this version of the plugin to meet your requirements.

Open up bp-automatic-friends.php and navigate to line 43:
add_action('bp_core_activated_user', 'skw_bpaf_activated_user');

All you need to do is replace “bp_core_activated_user” with “user_register” so that the line now reads:
add_action('user_register', 'skw_bpaf_activated_user');

Good luck!

I have installed Automatic Friends
The problem is whenever someone signs-up a huge number of emails are sent to that user.
I have tried to disable the the plugin and also tried to remove the plugin but the mails are still being sent to new users
Is there any way to remove it completely

Please suggest

@Rizwan — The plugin does not directly send mail or hook into the mail system in anyway. Do you have another 3rd part plugin that sends out notification emails when friendships are created?

Thanks for your reply

I have tried disabling all the plugins one by one but still my problem not resolved
Can you please guide me how can I completely remove this plugin after deleting from plugin Dir
I mean remove any DB entries this plugin changes


@Rizwan — If you delete all the plugin files, you can completely remove all actions taken by the plugin by removing the friendships inside the ‘wp_bp_friends’ table of your database. However, you should note that if you manual edit the database table you will also need to update your friend count for each user using BP_Friends_Friendship::total_friend_count( $user_id ); I would recommend hooking this to the user login process.

Attempting to get this plugin working for my site using v1.6.1
BuddyPress 1.5.4
Wordpress 3.3.1
WP Membership Premium 2.1.4

Setup and configuration looks good but no friends being automatically made.

Any ideas on where to look?


@Edward — What settings are you using in the admin options for the plugin? Are you using numeric user id(s) for the user registration field?

Hi Steven,

Which Plugin are you asking for admin options for?
I am using numeric user ids in your auto friend plugin and after I save the changes I get the user icons to show up under the page.
What specific options for which plugins should I be looking for?

Thanks for your help.

@Edward — Are you hoping to have friendships made between existing members? That is not a feature I currently have available, but maybe should look into. The plugin as of right now only works for new members after the plugin has been activated.

Is there any way to autmatically add everyone to everyone’s friends list, so everyone is everyone’s friend. I need it so the Send To autofill in Private messaging works with everyone.

@Danny — This is not currently a feature, but I am putting some thought into it. My fear is that sites with large communities may run into problems. I will investigate putting this in my next release.

@Aditya — I use WP-FB-Autoconnect myself and have not had any problems getting the two plugins work together. Can you please provide more details as to where you are running into problems?

I just installed this plugin. however, running WP 3.3.2 and BP 1.5.5 there is no Automatic Friends menu appearing under the Buddypress settings menu. I am using the wp multi network setup and have buddypress set up on subdirectory blog only.

BP Automatic Friends not showing up in BP Admin Menu.
I have BP 1.5.5 and WP 3.2.2 with Network setup. I have BP setup on subdirectory using a compatible theme. ( I have same setup on test site not network configured and plugin work.)

1.The BP plugin is Network Activated. (This plugin is only available through network admin).

2.To get BP Admin on the subdirectory I had to create a bp-custom.php file and included the code “define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );”

3. wp config php.
define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);
define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);
define( ‘MULTISITE’, true );
define( ‘SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL’, false );
$base = ‘/’;
define( ‘DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘neosoulcafe.com’ );
define( ‘PATH_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘/’ );
define( ‘SITE_ID_CURRENT_SITE’, 1 );
define( ‘BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE’, 1 );

4. bp-custom.php

5. Network Activated Plugins

Buddypress Album (did not show up on subdirectory plugins)

6. Sub Directory Activated Plugins
Buddypress Activity Plus
Invite Anyone
RS Buddypress Activity Referesh

Deactivating these plugins did not resolve issue. Tired to network activate BP Automatic Friends and that did not work also.

In the interim is there a file that I can edit to add a default friend for all members.


Hey Steven. Is there anyway you can help me to get this plugin working.I tried it a while back and thought it was working but it still doesnt 🙁

I am running the latest version of your plugin with the following.

Buddypress: Version 1.5.4
Workpress: WordPress 3.3.1.

Thank you Steve! 🙂

i installed it and selected the user i wanted as a default friend but when i go register a new account it doesnt add each other a s a friend 🙁 i entered my user id and it came up with my name but still wont add me as a default friend.

thanks for replying

are you using the new version 1.6 automatic friends.

What’s new in version 1.6

* Removed debug output on user activation page
* Updated code comments to PHPdoc
* Create friendships upon user activation rather than user registration
* Update friend counts for new users

there is also a newer version of buddypress and wordpress than what you are running.

Hey keith.I upgrade everything tomorrow and give it a try.Is there any chance you could help me with something else that isn’t related to this plugin.I can find anyone to help me 🙁

@pankaj — Sorry there is not an easy way to do add all members at this time. However, that requirement has been frequently requested and I will attempt to roll the functionality into my next release. Cheers!

HI! I’m just wondering if your plugin will work in my setup? I’m using eMember to control access to different parts of my site – the buddypress section is locked down. When a new member pays and registers via eMember, it automatically creates a WordPress user with the same details as the eMember member details. Will this process trigger your plugin to auto friend new members?

Does this make sense?? Sorry if I’m not making myself clear!

Thanks for your help!

Is there an easy way to change some of the code in this plugin to allow new users to be auto friend-ed by all users? I know you are working on this but I was just looking for a hack until the new release cam out? 🙂

hey Steve. I have two auto friends. One works as advertise. The other auto friend gets friends added and the counter increases. But the “are now friends” comment doesn’t show up on their wall or the activity stream. If they friend manually everything works as advertised. Any suggestions

Hi Steve,

I’m not having any luck the plugin doesn’t seem to do anything at all I have set it up correctly with the right user ID that I want to be auto friends with everyone but it isn’t working at all??



It has come to my attention that the plugin is no longer functional under WP 3.5. I am aware of the problem and working towards a resolution. Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned!

Thank you for working on a new version for 3.5 i am leaving a comment here so i am notified of updates to this thread

Hi Steven yes i use that one so i would be using your plugin with it …. i have not yet tried your plugin but is a new feature hoping to have with your help thanks

What’s new in version 1.6.2

* Removes hooks from account sign-up and activation.
* Friendships are now created upon a new user’s first login.
* Resolves conflict with plugins such as “Disable Activation” that bypass the activation process.

Hi Steven

I would really like to use this plugin, is it ok to use it with the latest versions of BuddyPress and WordPress?



@Tim — This should not be a problem. I’ve tested it locally using WordPress 3.6beta2 with BuddyPress 1.7.1. If you are worried about testing a new feature in a production environment, I’d highly recommend setting up either a localhost or a staging server that mirrors the real site. This would allow you do testing without the worry of causing problems for your users.

Thanks Steven, I haven’t got any users yet so I’m safe for now but I will bear that in mind for the future!

Hi Steven

Next dumb noob question…! 😉

What is the user id? Ive tried the user name but it doesn’t seem to work.

Am I missing something obvious here?



@Tim — Not a bad question at all. My next major update to this plugin will address this issue. I want to make it so you can use usernames in the future. For now, the best way to find a user id (always numeric) is by going to WP-Admin => Users => All Users. This will take you to a screen with all of your users listed. The very first account you created (most people use admin) has a user ID of 1. For all other users, find the user you want to identify and click on their name. This will take you to the edit user page. If you check the URL address on this page, you will see something like this: http://www.domain.com/wp-admin/user-edit.php?user_id=2. In this example, “2” is the user id. This is a bit more complicated than I’d like, but should get you were you need to go until I can roll out an update. Good luck!

Thank Steve, it worked with one of my profiles but not the other, for some reason this URL doesn’t seem to have an ID in it?


@Tim — Try /wp-admin/users.php instead of /wp-admin/profile.php

The latter is a page for the current users profile while the former is a listing of all the users. If it is the very first account you created in WordPress, the user ID is most likely ‘1’.

I need to know is it possible to add facebook friend as a follower. Would there be any way to automatically, or with one click, follow all your facebook friends that are also using your buddypress service in my site?


It’s in progress. I’m working on v 2.0 now which overhauls pretty much everything. It will be released before the holidays.

There is not an option to always make everyone friends with everyone else. However, I don’t think this would be terribly difficult to accomplish. Let me think a little while about the best way to implement it.

As for right now, you will still need to setup global friend user names in the settings found at Admin > Users > Automatic Friends.

Would anyone like to beta test version 2.0? It is ready, but I’d like to get a second pairs of eyes on it.

Hi – the plugin works perfectly for me, as admin of the site; all new members can automatically be my friends. But it’s missing the main feature I need: have all *group* members automatically be friends. It’s about controlling profile and activity visibility so only other members of the group can access them. My site is composed of six private groups, and for the moment it’s a bit disturbing that any user at all can click on a profile of someone not in the same group and access their info. Would this be something really difficult to implement?

@Bonnie — Thank you very much for the testing! The main intent behind the upcoming release was to keep the functionality the same as the previous version, but make the administration accessible to a wider audience.

Now that I am mostly satisfied with the user experience, I can start taking a look into providing some additional features. I’ve had a similar feature request before, having to do with groups, and I will put it at the top of the short list. I can’t speak to the difficulty without doing some further research, but I will look into it.

Yay for being at the top of the shortlist! I’m certain a lot of people will be interested in this; customizing privacy in BP is a bit of a challenge, and more options for “friending” will definitely be a huge plus. I think I’ll review and comment on WordPress.org to see what the response is.

It’s always reassuring when plugin developers react well and quickly to users. Thank you!

BuddyPress Automatic Friends is now available in Spanish courtesy of to Maria Ramos. Thanks Maria!

Hi Steven!

I would like all users who sign up to our site were already friends, without having to select them one by one from Automatic Friends” settings.

Many thanks,

Hi Steven! Great plugin. We’re installing BuddyPress on a website with 250+ existing users. It’s replacing Mingle which had the same capability as your plugin. All users auto friend with the admin upon registration. Once we install Buddypress and then your plugin, is there a way to set up for all existing users to be automatic friends with the admin? If not, this would be a great feature to add to your plugin.


Thank you. I don’t have that feature available at this time, but it is in future plans. Stay tuned!

I have installed this plugin, and when I activate it, go to the settings, and try to add the admin, it just hangs. I am not able to add any user to the global add friend area. We have about 600 members on our site. Could this be why it takes so long?


I am thinking this is a JS autocomplete issue. I have not tested extensively with a large user base, but if you can give me a little time I will investigate and improve the caching mechanism if possible. Thank you for the feedback!

@David — I’ve made a small change that may help resolve the problem you were seeing. Let me know if version 2.0.2 improves your site performance.

@Lynne — I’ve checked into my source and I have these emails disabled. What other BuddyPress plugins do you have activated?

@steven …..I replied to you on Github already. I am using about 31 other buddypress plugins for our student community group. Is that the reason why the notifications goes out automatically?

1. Select BP Default Group Avatar
2. Select BP Group Documents
3. Select BP Group Management
4. Select BP Group Organizer
5. Select BP Profile as Homepage
6. Select BP Profile Search
7. Select BuddyMenu
8. Select BuddyPress Activity Privacy
9. Select BuddyPress Auto Group Join
10. Select BuddyPress Automatic Friends
11. Select BuddyPress Extend Widgets
12. Select BuddyPress Docs
13. Select BuddyPress Custom Profile Menu
14. Select BuddyPress Geo
15. Select BuddyPress Group-O-Matic
16. Select BuddyPress Group Email Subscription
17. Select BuddyPress Groups Extras
18. Select BuddyPress Message Attachment
19. Select BuddyPress Pending Activations
20. Select BuddyPress Portfolio
21. Select BuddyPress Profile Progression
22. Select Buddypress profile view from admin
23. Select BuddyPress Real Names
24. Select BuddyPress Registration Groups
25. Select BuddyPress Toolbar
26. Select Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type
27. Select Custom Profile Filters for BuddyPress
28. Select Export User Data
29. Select FB like notification for buddypress
30. Select Mass Messaging in Buddypress
31. Select Suffusion BuddyPress Pack

@Lynne — 31 plugins means 31 variables in this equation. This is the first report I am having of this problem which leads to believe that one of these other plugins may be hooking into the notification system and overriding the default functionality. Given the number of BuddyPress related plugins you are using, I am reasonably sure this is what is happening. The first thing I would do is disable all other plugins except for BuddyPress ( inside a development environment would be preferred ) and see if the problem persists. After that you would have to go through the 31 step process of enabling each plugin one by one until the problem is identified. It’s a lot of work, but if you can track down the problem, I am willing to try and fix the compatibility issues if possible. Good luck!

@Lynne — No problem. You might try starting with the ones that seem relevant to your problem such as “FB like notification for buddypress” and “Mass Messaging in Buddypress”.

Found an error you’ll be interested in, on first couple logins of a new user, this error is thrown:

Fatal error: Cannot unset string offsets in /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-extended-friendship-request/bp-extended-friendship-request.php on line 338

Will have to abandon this plugin for now until this gets fixed (or I might just fix it myself, in which case I’ll gladly post the fix here).

Good plugin other than this error which causes a white screen and looks muy no bueno

My experience with that issue (insufficient permissions) was usually due to a poorly written plugin (and generally not the plugin in question). I’d highly suggest deactivating your other plugins to see if one of them is causing the problem.

@Alfredo I think what Godavid is trying to say is that other plugins may be affecting this one. The problem you are having has not been reported on a massive scale. If the settings did not show-up in the dashboard, no one else would be able to use it and this is the first report I am getting of the problem.

So it turns out I’m retarded and I deactivated all of the plugins 3 times then restored the DB three times to realize that it added the link under “Users” in the dashboard instead of settings.
Thanks @Steven Word for the great plugin and @Godavid for the help

Hi Steven, a while back we wrote a quick hack (which i still have somewhere) that basically was an extension of the WordPress Social Login Plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-social-login/). The idea of WSL plugin is it has option to “pull” in a ;list of FB friends a new user registering on a blog say with FB… we wrote some messy code to basically then auto befriend any FB friends found that was also registered on the blog…

This makes say a buddypress site less “lonely” on 1st visit, if the guy joins with FB at least all his FB friends are already befriended on the blog as well.

I was trying to find a away of using your plugin, but hooking somehow into the “global friend list” for a site that uses STEAM logins. I already manage to pull an array of friends of a steam user, is there any way to create “sub global lists” so that we could give every user his “own global list” – i can then add the returned array of userids into that list and your plugin will do the rest?

@Greg — Interesting use case here. I don’t think it would really support most of my users to create a secondary “sub” users list, but I’d be happy to help you solve your problem. However, I would be willing to add a filter on the methods that link accounts if you’d like so that you could intercept the list of global friend IDs.

@Steven – Thank you Steve – I started a thread here (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/here-is-code-for-function-to-auto-befriend-bp-friends-if-they-exis-on-blog-and-t) . Basically what i have now is a list of a users friends in a seperate table, sorted by “Provider” e.g. facebook, linkedin, steam etc.

You will see there is a SQL lookup on the end of that code that will return an array of a particular users other network friends, at the top of that post i the used the BP add friend function … which is not working too well after the V2 update of BP

@Greg — It sounds like you may not need my whole plugin. Have you taken a look a the method, `BPAF::create_friendships( $initiator_user_id )` located in the main plugin file? I think it may help you join your IDs together. You would need the other methods referenced in that method, but that might be the base of what you are looking to do.

Having the same issue with hundreds of friend request emails going out. Very frustrating as we pay for private smtp and this wastes our credits.
Definitely a bug in the automatic friends plugin. Hope it gets worked out in next update.

thanks for this nice plugin – just one request. we dont want every member to be able to use this plugin – we want only certain roles to make automatic friends. can you help with this ?

@Haribol — Let me go back and take a closer look at the code. I should have a capability in there to handle this, but at first glance it doesn’t look like I put one on there. If this turns out to be the case, I will be making an update ASAP!

its not the admin settings – in each user’s profile – the user has a default option to be able to accept everyone as friends – i wish this not be the case – since i want to be able to allow only those we choose to have that option – else someone could become a friend of everyone and spam them or hound them.. .. could you enable a way – by which admin can allow or disallow this for members. thanks

I have downloaded and installed the plugin, but it is not showing in my dashboard. I am running the latest version of WP and it is a multisite environment. I have tried to re-install the plugin, network activate it, locally activate it, and I have also tried to use it on both the main domain and sub-domains, but it is not showing in the dashboard.
I could see, that somebody had the same problem with an older version of the plain about a year ago, but no solution was posted here in this thread.
Does anybody know a solution to this problem? Or is it because the plugin does not work with multi sites?

@Jonas — The plugin has had multisite support since almost the beginning (unless it has since stopped working). Are you looking under the “Users” section and not under “Settings”?

Try directly accessing the pages? ‘wp-admin/users.php?page=s8d-bpaf-settings’ AND ‘wp-admin/network/users.php?page=s8d-bpaf-settings’

An error pops up for a spit second and disappears on the front end. after. it goes so quick but I screen recorded it and paused it at the flash and this is what it says. Is developer still working on this plugin?

Notice: get_user_meta ($user)id, ‘last_activity’) was called incorrectly. User last_activity data is no longer stored in user meta. Use bp_get_user_last_activity() instead.

@quinn — I was thinking the plugin had been fairly stable for a while, but let me look into this. Thanks for the bug report!

An error pops up for a spit second and disappears on the front end. after. it goes so quick but I screen recorded it and paused it at the flash and this is what it says. Is developer still working on this plugin?

Notice: get_user_meta ($user)id, ‘last_activity’) was called incorrectly. User last_activity data is no longer stored in user meta. Use bp_get_user_last_activity() instead.

@quinn — I was thinking the plugin had been fairly stable for a while, but let me look into this. Thanks for the bug report!

I’ve installed the plugin and its work as I want. Thanks for the plugin. But I want to hide the friendship notification for this particular user (The user which I’ve added in the plugin), so can you tell me how to do that because it doesn’t looks good for the new users who sign-up in my website and automatically gets the friendship notification without sending friend request.

I’ve installed the plugin and its work as I want. Thanks for the plugin. But I want to hide the friendship notification for this particular user (The user which I’ve added in the plugin), so can you tell me how to do that because it doesn’t looks good for the new users who sign-up in my website and automatically gets the friendship notification without sending friend request.

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