BuddyPress Automatic Friends

BuddyPress Automatic Friends

  • Contributors: stevenkword
  • Tags: admin, automatic, automatic friends, buddypress, friends, instant friends, new members, plugin, registration
  • Requires at least: 3.5
  • Tested up to: 4.5.7
  • Stable tag: 2.0.7
  • License: GPLv2 or later
  • License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

  • Configure your BuddyPress Automatic Friends options.

  • Changelog


    • Resolves PHP strict error when calling get_global_friends()
    • Bumps version compatibilty for WordPress 4.5


    • Bumps version compatibilty for WordPress 4.4.2


    • Disables email notifications. In situations with hundreds of users, this can get SPAMMY fast


    • Adds icon assets for plugin directory


    • Hot fix for autocomplete search results


    • Now with more Portuguese - Thanks to Renato Alves
    • Limits number of users returned via ajax suggest to improve performance with large datasets


    • Now with more Spanish - Thanks to Maria Ramos


    • Major OOP rewrite
    • Admin Menu compliance with modern BuddyPress versions
    • Themes options page
    • Adds donate links
    • Autocomplete on Global Friend suggestions
    • Ajax actions for adding/removing global friends
    • General beautification


    • Removes hooks from account sign-up and activation.
    • Friendships are now created upon a new user's first login.
    • Resolves conflict with plugins such as "Disable Activation" that bypass the activation process.


    • Post form to admin settings based on get_admin_url - fixes 404 upon saving form options in multisite installs


    • Removed debug output on user activation page
    • Update code comments to PHPDoc
    • Create friendships upon user activation rather than user registration
    • Update friend counts for new users upon


    • Add display that shows which users are selected via the admin panel.


    • Update admin menu hook to support multisite.
    • Update to support BuddyPress 1.5


    • First official release

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    1. Vikram Shaw says:

      I’ve installed the plugin and its work as I want. Thanks for the plugin. But I want to hide the friendship notification for this particular user (The user which I’ve added in the plugin), so can you tell me how to do that because it doesn’t looks good for the new users who sign-up in my website and automatically gets the friendship notification without sending friend request.

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